Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cyclical Fashion - 80s

I feel that the 80s is the most interesting to talk about.

Madonna happened. The punk rock movement happened. Mohawks happened. Lace happened. Shoulder pads happened. Dynasty happened. Stirrup pants happened. Miami Vice happened.

Everything Marc Jacobs did for S/S was a tribute to the 80s. For Vuitton, he went rock and roll with power dressing and lots of neon. For Marc Jacobs, it was more preppy school chic, without any direct references to polo shirts or argyle. For Marc by Marc Jacobs, it was Flashdance and Fame all over again, with leggings, armwarmers and sweatshirts. The men were sporting Members-only esque jackets too.

For more sartorial inspiration, watch Napoleon Dynamite!

Shoulder pads and power dressing at Christian Lacroix, Neon fingerless gloves at Louis Vuitton, Neon spandex leggings at Anna Sui

Flashdance sweatshirt and white jeans at Marc by Marc Jacobs, Lacoste polos were du jour for preppies and pants were rolled to cuffs, Miami Vice at Emporio Armani

The 80s were also my favourite decade for movies. What are some of your favourite 80s movies? Mine are Flashdance, Tootsie, Mannequin and An Officer and a Gentleman. (and if you count in 1990 - Pretty Woman) Tell me yours, please!

Now playing: Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper (from the 80s!)