Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Employment Benefits

I finally found a temporary holiday job at a bank. Unfortunately, this is an office job (read: boring as hell) and with that, comes a dress code. No jeans, no "Tshirts without collars" (I quote them exactly. But is there such a thing as a "Tshirt with a collar"?) and pretty much no to almost everything in my wardrobe. So I'm going to go hunting for my work attire!

One rule: Since this is a temporary job, whatever I wear for these next few months should also be able to work into the rest of my wardrobe once work ends. So no boring office blazers and suits!
Okay, another rule: Comfort!

I love the shimmer grey skirt and jacket combo at Betty Jackson. Although it is very suitable for work, the shimmery grey material of the skirt would be okay for casual wear too. The jacket's girly collar detail and cut makes the outfit look less old and matronly and once again, I see it moving into casual wear. Maybe with a pair of jeans or a mini skirt.

This Jordon Skirt from Delias is also perfect. It would fit perfectly for next Spring's preppy school-girl trend and with a crisp white shirt, it's good enough for the boardroom (not that I'm going in there, but you get what I mean). And the deep mauve colour is different without being too much.

Accessories should be simple and classic, yet not old. These Vineyard Pearl Drops from Anthropologie would look great with a tweed office suit as well as a casual vintage blouse for a girl's night out.

Well I've already got a wallet. But this Jeana Sohn Wallet at Pokecto is perfect for keeping little notes that I bet I'll need at work and not forgetting all the timesheets (I hate them) that I have to update and all those darn security passes.

Style rules, but so does comfort. These Felicity Flats from JC Penny may not look like a Jimmy Choo, but the round toe and flat heel wouldn't hurt my feet from all that walking to and fro at work. I'd definitely see more opportunities for me to wear this outside of work, like for a day out for shopping (all that walking!).

P.S. I'm experimenting with my blogging presentation styles. Hope you enjoyed this one.