Tuesday, December 27, 2005


The entire Blumarine S/S 06 collection. A mix of vintage-esque ladylike feminity with highstreet slouchy chic. A smorgasboard of fabrics and colours - lace, distressed hems, stripes, floral prints, sequins.

From left, I love their bright coloured shrugs, their layering of lowcut slouchy summer dresses with a casual top (new wardrobe idea!), their romantic floral watercolour-esque prints and their long pendant necklaces. I simply love everything about this collection. I want it in my wardrobe!

The Celine Icon satchel, for the edgy city slicker. Copies are abound.

Madonna's Hung Up MTV dance arrangement - includes parkour, breakdancing and Dance Dance Revolution styles of dance. Favourite scene: the Chinese restaurant :)

Food blogs! All the orgasmic food pictures gets me revved up and inspired to whip up something nice. Favourite blogs are 101 Cookbooks, bakingsheet and The Domestic Goddess. I love unique recipes that stun and surprise but are still able to tantalise.

Ivy's In the Clear album. Lush ambiance music with some great guitar work. Love Dominique Durand's vocals. I also love Bainbridge Merril - seriously underrated. Could have made it big in Pop.

Pandora.com - Let's you discover more music you like. Unlike internet radio, where you have annoying ads and don't always get the songs you want (although you can choose stations that cater to your tastes and can skip through songs), Pandora identifies your specific tastes and chooses other songs with similar qualities and creates a whole new playlist for you. I love it, I love it, I love it.