Wednesday, December 21, 2005

S/S'06 - Asian Fetish

The Orient has never been so sexy. With Memoirs of the Geisha being released soon and what with the success of so many Chinese flicks behind it, the rise of East Asian culture is happening faster than you can say 'wasaaabi'. Obi belts, kimono sleeves, chinese collars, chinese prints (who can forget Cavalli's Ming Vase print in Fall?) are taking the runway by storm. Now finally, I can take out that dusty Cheongsam from the closet.

Japanese influence

Sexy obi belts at Willow and in red at Diesel, Kimono top at Dries Van Noten

Chinese influence

Chinese coolie vest (really) at Lagerfeld Gallery, Chinese Emperor's costume at John Galliano, Smart chinese collars and buttons (frogloops) at Valentino