Friday, January 13, 2006

Back to School Palette - Day 2

Second palette: Avant Garde Reconstructed as inspired by Dries Van Noten

There are hints of last year's Bohemian influence, but it has been reconstructed and remade into something different altogether. The look is slouchy and carelessly put together. A hippie top from 2 seasons ago is paired with contemporary bermudas and then an avant-garde messed up reconstructed loose jacket is thrown over and the look is loosely tied together with boho accessories - a leather belt and wedges.

A lot of stuff is going on but so thoughtlessly meshed up that it just looks uniquely yours. Colours remain neutral - too much would overwhelm- but textures vary widely to give that Japanese street style appeal.

Leather belt from Urban Outfitters, Enzo Wedges from Nordstrom, Bohemian blouse from Anna Sui, Jacket from Balenciaga at Yoox