Saturday, January 14, 2006

Back to School Palette - Day 3

Third palette: So(ho) Casual as inspired by Clements Ribero

This is really as simple as wearing a polo shirt over a pair of shorts. The devil lies in the details though. Wooden sandals or cork wedges would not do here, neither would wicker bags or anything canvas. Your outfit is already so laidback, adding some more *yawn* boring accessories would kill it. A classic black slouchy bag would be great as well as versatile and for the heels, princessy metallic sandals are the only way to go. Nothing too kitsch, nothing too casual and definitely nothing flat to go with your shorts. Good quality satin shorts would up the glam factor and please get a polo shirt that looks good on your torso - it should have a loose fit and end just before your hips.

Polo shirt from Macy's, Heels from Steve Madden, Shorts from ShopIntuition, Bag from Urban Outfitters