Sunday, January 15, 2006

Back to School Palette - Day 4

Fourth palette: Wearable Kitsch inspired by Eley Kishimoto

Kitsch is huge for 2006. But wait, I don't mean retro. I hate the word nowadays, it has become overused and totally abused. But there definitely is a bit of retro in kitsch. Or should I say kitsch in retro?

Anyway, a cute kiddy top or a heart print tshirt would be perfect together with plastic bracelets and brooches in gaudy pink colours and printed polka dots. Dilute the look a little with a great pair of contemporary shorts (no more prints please!) but make sure the colour goes with all that loud neon going on (blue is great). Dorothy red heels might seem a little too much but if attention is what you want, go all the way and make it patent red leather. Oomph! If not, just about any neutral coloured pump would be great.

Don't wear leggings though. That would instantly make you fashion roadkill.

Babydoll cami, Plastic bangles and Polka Dot brooch from Fredflare, Shorts from Vanessa Bruno and Heels from Manolo Blahnik