Monday, January 16, 2006

Back to School Palette - Day 5

Fifth palette: Motorcycle chick as inspired by Chanel

The pairing of white and black can go so many ways. Expect to see a barage of white dresses this Spring in all styles and materials. I, on the other hand, would be looking out for white-and-black dresses, because white only bores me so.

Most dresses would probably be heading in the sixties-cutsie direction, or going down the girly prarie road, lace being the material du-jour. But if you're really more a grunge-military type of girl, than you can still have your dress and wear it too. Just mix it up with a pair of boots (with ventilation - since it is going to be hot in Summer) and make the look edgy with a pair of leather cuffs. Nothing too over the top - instead, its simple and chic.

The dress should not be a primp princessy waisted one - that wouldn't sit well with boots would it? A waistless dress as seen on Chanel would be great, but not many can carry that off. So maybe a slung on belt on the hips would bring the look together. (Get a white dress and sling on a black belt for instant magic) If dresses are still not your thing, there are still lots of black-and-white tops to choose from which you can mix and match with your edgy skirts and distressed jeans.

Just remember to keep it simple. It is just black and white after all.

Dress from See by Chloe, Top from Narciso Rodriguez, Boots from Stella McCartney and Leather bracelet from Juicy Couture