Friday, January 27, 2006

Chanel Couture

Last year's pink and black collection didn't impress many but this year, Karl Lagerfeld left me speechless with his latest Chanel Couture collection. It was none of that punk princess rock look - instead it was pretty and delicate but still a very strong and well executed collection.

Chanel couldn't be any prettier. The show was plusplusplus all the way. I absolutely loved it. Everything was made to be pretty and girly from the Chanel tweed suits to their little dresses and gogo boots. I loved the above jacket - the heartshaped collar, the perfect couture details - it looks so perfect.

No Chanel show can go without some good dresses. The sixties silhouette was often seen - the whole space age minimalist thing was given a modern twist. There was a little reminder of last year's bubble dress collection, but otherwise, everything was 180 degrees different. The models weren't the punk-rockstars that Karl had dressed last year, they were pretty dainty darlings. There was of course that signature Karl punk punch - like adding motorcycle boots and black sequins - which made everything balanced and perfect. My favourite was the black bellshaped dress above with the gorgeous lace train and the sheer minute details in the bodice - absolutely stunning.

Karl Lagerfeld, I love you :)