Saturday, January 21, 2006

Fashion Fatigue

I am sick of seeing

-Edie Sedgwick and anything 60s.
-Polka dots
-Trying too hard to be vintage/retro
-Round, Chunky necklaces
-Metallic bags
-Patent leather pointy toed pumps (esp black and red colour)
-Crotchet and uninteresting lace

in retail stores.

Would the new Spring collections please hurry up?

I want to see more of:

-Good quality and well designed lace pieces - go to Mango, not Topshop
-Better statement jewellery - go to Warehouse, not Topshop
-Great skirts for work - Zara
-Great skirts for leisure and work - Mango
-Purrfect shoes - Zara
-Good quality leather bags- Zara
-Sheer dresses AND also good slip dresses to wear beneath!

Topshop, you are disappointing me this season! Come on already, get rid of those damn stripey things!