Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Luella For Target

Luella for Target has finally reached the stores. I think the cute dresses are adorable - with that darling bell-shaped silhouette and corset top and the pleated cherry skirt is schoolgirl lovely. The graffiti print just reminds me of Gwen Stefani - which isn't really a good thing. The ruffle shirt has a very well-tailored cut and the cherry print accessories are lovely.

The tulip skirts look cute too, but I wouldn't get them in green or white. I must also say that I don't like the rainbow mini skirt. Really, this kind of thing can be found at a cheap clothing store in Thailand. We used to wear rainbow stripes on cheerleader skirts when we were 11/12/13 - and I'm glad that we've stopped. (please don't bring them back)

Take away the Luella name and just seeing the clothes as they are, I would probably only notice the dresses and some of the cherry print stuff (but then again, cherry print isn't an original idea - lots of indi craft shops have already started selling similar stuff) . But anyway, this is Target and not H&M, so I'll be realistic here.