Saturday, February 11, 2006

A/W'06 - Anna Sui

Fashionweek is pouring in and I'm trying very hard to catch up. I can't catch on any outright trend right now and I might as well not, because NY fashionweek hardly makes any impression on retailers compared to Paris and Milan.

Meanwhile though, I will tell you that I loved the Anna Sui show. I didn't enjoy her S/S collection but her A/W collection was breathtaking. I loved all the individual pieces. It was eclectic - typical Sui style. The girls looked preppy punk, like other Anna Sui shows, pretty yet with an attitude. There were little pieces that looked especially outstanding, like the white collars on the dresses and the brass fixtures on the shoes. I loved the vintagey feel of things, like those old scarf prints that my mother used to wear, or the sixties silhouette party dress.

This particular outfit (Sgt. Pepper, as likes to call it) just looked so vintage-store. The naval jacket no doubt made the outfit but Sui pieced it together with a handsome skirt that looks like it came from a more refined era, a street-style knit cap (complete with skull brooch) and matching fire-engine red bag and boots that looked vintage on their own.

I adore the preppy pieces. The black-and-white and navy palette were my favourites (not a fan of the orange-rust pieces) and like Luella, I liked the stockings + Mary-janes combo. The dress, whatever pattern that is, as well as that navy skirt - perfection.

The white Peter Pan collars are so lovely and charming, dainty and cute, lovable and innocent, so Alice in Wonderland meets Peter Pan. I want that satin black babydoll on the right. I want it!

There were romantic and exquisite pieces as well. If you thought that the navy piece reminded you of YSL A/W 05 and the florets from the black and white piece reminded you of Chloe S/S 06, I thought so too. Nevertheless, they're still very lovely and the tablecloth-esque dress that Gemma is wearing looks like a masterpiece.

I also adored the printed pieces which looked fun and playful. The velvet (in orange!!) was really so over, but forgivable anyway.

I am inspired, in awe and in love with Anna Sui now.