Friday, February 17, 2006

A/W'06 - Ashley Isham

I've always been a fan. No exception this year when Ashley delivered winning dresses after dresses down the runway. My favourite sequins, gorgeous draping and tailoring, glamourous kimono belts all made the dresses picture perfect.

Ashley Isham has always been an excellent tailor. His goddess like dresses - the first one with a Venus-greek-goddess ethereal air about it, the second draped to perfection in the most sumptous shade of maroon and the third, with the simplicity and strength of Roland Mouret - leave me wanting for more.

Apart from the simple designs, there were very tons of statement pieces as well, like the silvery shimmery fabrics that were used for his series of dresses. Not your usual satin glamourous, but more fun and interesting. The lace dress in the middle reminds me of the full-on lace piece Mary Kate wore to the Golden Gloves - only better. Really exquisite - from the lace to the sleeves to the slit - I hope to see someone wearing it someday. And the third, a trench for the winter, with sequins falling all over the place (recalls Marc Jacobs fraying sequin dresses) looks so fantastic I would wear it indoors.

I thought the tribal make up was most peculiar and strange enough, it didn't run through his entire collection. I also felt that the palette of blues and oranges was hardly refreshing but nevertheless, I think Ashley Isham really made a mark this time with some of his best work so far.