Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A/W'06 - D&G

D&G's Spring Summer collection was one of the most influential in retail stores this year - the sexy white lacy things are still being sold everywhere.

So why Madonna for Fall? My guess is she's the only interesting thing to have really happened in the entertainment scene last year. Sure there were a lot of juicy gossip as fodder for those who have to have something to talk about, but otherwise no one was particularly successful, nothing really happened, no one broke any boundaries or did anything surprising. Except maybe Madonna. And I really did enjoy her Hung Up music video.

Madonna-isms: Sequins, bodysuits, spandex, fingerless gloves

Mukluks, Pompoms and snowflake motifs - cheesy and uninspiring. They've happened before and there's a reason why they are yesterday's news.

What I did like was the inventive and intricate knitting. I'm no fan of knits but I must admit that D&G did have a great variety of interesting shapes and textures for their knitted items.