Sunday, February 12, 2006

A/W'06 - Karl Lagerfeld

It was gritty urban streetwear. The palette for daywear was dark, mostly made out of greys and blacks. Like in Marc Jacobs, there were soft luxurious pieces which were deconstructed (or should I say reinvented) with holes. I found it rather similar to Marc Jacobs, especially with the whole street grunge attitude, but this was more toned down, less volume but still aesthically pleasing.

No Karl Lagerfeld show can get away without leather. This cropped leather jacket with balloon sleeves was my favourite. I liked how he mixed layers, textures and shapes to keep things refreshing.

Of course, there was the token weird piece I didn't like - the one where he throws over a carpet and cuts it into a coat.

For evening, Karl did soft and delicate, starting off with this pastel yellow dress and followed by a series of faded pink wrinkled dresses (top right) which stayed true to Karl's pretty but still edgy direction.

The menswear was not ignored, with a selection of crisp white shirts and motorcycle leather jackets - all styled in the same way Karl himself would dress.

After Karl Lagerfeld and Marc Jacobs, this grunge-yet-luxurious streetwear style is beginning to grow on me. I kinda like it. Now we'll wait and see if they'll carry that vision to Chanel and Louis Vuitton.