Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A/W'06 - Marc Jacobs

Homeless vagrants or wealthy socialites? That was what I was trying to figure out about the Marc Jacbos show. You've got the girls in oversized coats and boots and then you've got girls in the most luxurious leopard print and expensive fur.

The collection was eclectic, elegant and rich one moment, tattered and sloppy the next, Annie Hall one second, the eighties the next. Androgyny or feminity? Gloves and boots were seen with almost every outfit. I was particularly impressed with the two-toned gloves. Wasn't a fan of the lace-up boots, but other shoes did better. Grey socks were stuffed into shoes and gloves were mostly mid-elbow length - it's all about covering up.

These were my 2 favourite pieces. The houndstooth outfit on the left is simply sublime. Also take a look at this formal jacket which doubles up as a hoodie too! The boxy cropped champagne jacket on the right reminds me of the toy soldiers - the stiff fit and round buttons. Perfect for the Marc Jacobs girl. The gold dress underneath is probably cute too (I need closer inspection) , but I'm not into those pants.

Talk about luxury, Marc Jacobs focused a lot on exquisite knits. Be it a sweater, a ridiculous-yet-adorable mushroom hat, a draping 80s-esque outfit, it was all soft and luxurious.

I wasn't fond of these looks, but it was a recurring theme. The whole bobo look is not my cup of tea. The outfit on the left looked like a 6 foot caricature of MaryKate Olsen - head to toe in oversized clothes, looking like a beggar of some sort, but also carrying an expensive leather handbag. The outfit on the right is just woah, crazy. The gloves, the boots and the coats looks like a fireman's uniform - entirely covered up. But what's up with the leopard print skirt outta nowhere?

The main highlight of the show would be the tattered metallic evening dresses with fraying edges - not an easy feat.