Monday, February 13, 2006

A/W'06 - Matthew Williamson

I usually ignore Matthew Williamson. His love for ombre and bright neon colours can get repetitive and really boring at times. For his A/W 06, Williamson did less street-chic and more refined luxury. That made me pay attention.

I really loved the coats. So far, these are one of my favourite coats from the whole of NY fashion week. Really good workmanship and really luxurious fabric and I'm glad that it wasn't another waist-tie trench. I also like the collars of the first 2 - perfectly proportioned, not too masculine or too delicate. The third one is something I would imagine Anna Wintour would wear - very rich, very luxurious, very statement piece. And very nice :) I also liked this gorgeous black trench which looked kinda Cynthia Rowley-ish cute.

Knits again! Loved the way it was styled - mixed with glamourous shiny pieces (sequins and satins! pop the champagne!) . Cable-knit makes people look fat - so I've heard. (sorry, don't wear cable knits in tropical countries) But the slinky gold number underneath is just ooh-lah-lah don't you think? The second piece looks pretty boring at first, but wait, there's a touch of Paris Hilton - fuschia pumps. It just makes the outfit come alive. I really miss sequins and I hope to see more of them on wearable day seperates, and not just on cocktail gowns or Armani in future collections.

I'm still not into Williamson's bright prints, but I guess it all depends on the tailoring to shine. I didn't particulary enjoy the full-on-satin shirt dresses or that ethnic influences that Williamson has always been so fond of.

But still, I think Williamson is the right man for Pucci and let's see what he brings to the table in Milan.