Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sailor Chic

For the 112432342645th time, Nautical has sailed upon us at Spring. Ropes seem to be the naval accessory du jour this time (what was it last time? anchors? stripes?) but anyway, I liked the touch of blue lace on the Verrier dress above. Not high on the stripes, but I like the lace. I mean, how often do you see blue lace?

But if you ask me, what should be nautical is the Rebecca Taylor dress I've already posted about. It's aptly called Aegean Sea and evokes images of mermaids and merlords, Sirens and water fairies.

Aquatic doesn't have to mean white and blue stripes all the time does it? It doesn't have to mean cursing sailors, donald ducks, anchors and ropes. It doesn't have to have anything to do with ships, or even humans. Why don't designers take inspiration from the unknown and the mysterious, like the aquatic creatures from Greek mythology instead?

Even marine life can be more inspiring than ships and boats. The schools of fishes, the colours, the coral - it's another world out there and we're still stuck on Titanic.