Saturday, March 25, 2006

High street influence

One of the most oft-copied collections this Spring would be the Marc by Marc Jacobs label. His sporty and bright colours are commericially viable, especially to retailers aiming at the younger market. (ie Miss Selfridge and Forever 21)

High street stores currently has a mix of many designer influences - mainly Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga and Chloe. (as well as tons of inspiration from Sienna Miller's factory girl and Brokeback Mountain checks)

I just saw the exact same lookalike bag at Topshop today.

I'm certain you can find a similar grey dress at Forever 21.

The striped cardigan with big buttons is making it's rounds in the high street circuit. Meanwhile, Topshop has several two-tone dresses just like the one on the top.

The newly opened Miss Selfridge store is for the quinessential Marc by Marc Jacobs girl. They have several lookalike pieces, the navy stripes having the most striking similarity.

Cutesy midriff baring tops like this have been showing up at Miss Selfridge and Forever 21.

Meanwhile, those who detest Jacobs can take relief that there is still Zara, whose collection looks more Roberto Cavalli, Gucci and Prada inspired.