Thursday, March 02, 2006

Trompe L'oeil Redux

In Spring, the original master of Trompe L'oeil, Moschino, did it. This fall, Tata Naka followed suit with a few more flashy and fun pieces.

For Moschino, it was just adding in the delicate details like ribbons, belts, collars etc, but for Tata Naka, colour was added. An entire outfit was scribbled out - vests with belts complete with jewellery, a turtleneck transformed into a jacket and tshirt combi. Want plaid? Draw it on! I love how whimsical it all is, albeit too unwearable.

For something more grown up, fans of Bottega Venetta would love this cardigan, the latest from their collections.

And if anyone is interested, Fred Flare often sells Trompe L'oeil tshirts. The latest would be this boderline tee with a drawn on lacy corset - very Dior S/S 06.