Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Following the trend for quirky and whimsical fashion accessories, I recently discovered L'ArtiChaut, a Singapore-registered (but internationally based) fashion accessory gallery. I appreciate humour in design and L'ArtiChaut fulfills that, with such beautiful (and fun) pieces:

I'm in love with this kind of brooches. Two pins connected with one chain to form a certain theme.(in this case - a lady walking a dog) I think they might be called "attachment brooches".

Also check out this Horse & Carrige Necklace Gold Necklace, inspired by Cinderella.

And it's not always pretty - there's a Jailbird ring for all you fashion offenders.

I also like this Domino necklace, also from L'ArtiChaut. All the above are from the Tatty Devine collection.

(I believe L'ArtiChaut is available in Singapore at Tangs)