Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The cover that will never be

This is supposedly what Harper's August issue was to look like, but was scrapped by Britney. The gossip I've heard on the other hand is that Britney bailed on the shoot, and therefore no pictures were taken. So I don't know if this is just photoshop at work. But, if this is for real, then my question is: What was Harper's even thinking?!!! Let's not even begin on how uncomfortable that picture makes me feel. Let's talk about how did Britney even get invited to do a Harper's cover.

I don't even understand why the paparazzi are still even taking pictures of Britney. (Maybe just to have someone to diss) But a fashion magazine hiring her to be on the cover? That's really really desperate! (Ooh, I just remembered that ELLE had her on their cover last year.)