Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Street Style - The good, the bad and the freaky

The Good
I think wearing a tutu is extremely great. And pairing it with a skull motif sweat says rockchick all the way. More and more good stuff.

The Bad
Many might disagree, but part of style is knowing what goes with your body. What works for one body, might not work on another. I'm still have yet to fall out of favour with leggings, but they do not go well with chunky thighs. Cropped jackets add bulk, so if there is already bulk, don't add any more. See how cropped jackets and tight pants can work on a different size. The tight fitting tops show those bulges clearly and those belts only serve to emphasize the hip. You don't have to despair if you're big, style is not limited by size. For one, don't just buy into the skinny pants trend when you know you look better in loose fit ones.

The Freaky
This combination of socks on leggings, printed gloves and your baby cousin's handmedown Disney shirt is just too freaky, too weird. (And with the overall look and styling, I have no clue if this person is a guy or a girl) I've also noticed that these canvas bags seem very popular with the people pictured on the website.

Pictures from Hel Looks