Saturday, June 03, 2006

That elusive mascara

Check out The Great Mascara Hunt at Blogdorf Goodman.

Where is that perfect mascara that holds a curl, thickens beautifully, lengthens without becoming spidery and darkens without smudges? Is it the solution? The brush? The technique? Is the primer necessary (the only one I've used is L'Oreal double extend, I don't like the primer + mascara together)

And reviews aren't as reliable as trying out the product yourself. Just look at the mixed reviews at Makeup Alley for the different products. No one is unanimous on a particular mascara!

And many products are not available in Singapore - unless you buy them online. Someone please bring in Max Factor, Smashbox, Rimmel, Benefit (and many many more)! On the high side, we have access to many asian-made products, especially those from Japan and Korea (Kanebo, Kose, Cosme Decorte (a high-end Kose brand. I love the texture of their eyeshadows).

I've tried the famous Dejavu Fiberwig - supposedly the best selling mascara in Japan. It does absolutely nothing for me. It doesn't clump and seperates pretty well, but there is only minimum lengthening and zero thickening. So it's just like putting Vaseline on the lashes. Just goes further to prove that not everything works on everyone.

The search continues.