Tuesday, July 11, 2006

All tangled up

I know many people out there take extra special care for their clothes and accessories. For me, I want to, but I'm hell lazy.

So I lump all my earrings and necklaces in a little drawer by the side of by desk and that's that. And I find myself spending an hour or two the night before the big night out untangling the necklaces, baffled how so many damn knots could form by themselves.

It was so annoying that I started hanging the necklaces at the edge of the little shelf on my desk but I wished there was a better way I could store them.

This Medallion Brocade Necklace Stand would be gorgeous on any table, but I question the usefulness of it because necklaces still can be tangled up when just stacked one on the other.

This Enamel Necklace Stand however, I see as being more useful because the necklaces could be hung either one on top or the other, or side by side.

They're both beautiful! I love all the pretty little things at Urban Outfitters apartment. They're pretty yet affordable and they're like a fashion collection - every piece has a special unique style, yet they can be put all in the same house and still work.