Friday, July 21, 2006

Flatteringly oversized

That's what a 'boyfriend shirt' should be like. Flatteringly oversized. Too oversized, say your boyfriend is more hunky than lanky, then it would be difficult to pull off the boyfriend shirt look I posted about earlier.

So what are we to do?

1. Buy a slouchy women's shirt in a larger size. A very slim fit in a larger size would look very bad, so go for casual slouchy fits such as the Bryn shirt from Abercrombie.

2. Better still, buy a "boyfriend shirt". Yes, some shirts are actually named "boyfriend shirts". Something like this cotton poplin shirt from Sundance.

3. Or maybe, a loose fit shirt dress like this one from James Pearce.

4. Or simply just buy a men's shirt. No, a boy's shirt. Like I mentioned in another post, boy cuts would probably fit us ladies better than those from the men's department. (And isn't it fun to be shopping for clothes at the kids department?) This boy's oxford is from J.Crew.