Sunday, July 16, 2006

High Waisted

Kate Moss wearing high-waisted shorts.

Ghost, Givenchy, Topshop unique

If you still think lowrise jeans are "like-the-coolest-stuff-ever!", you've got a lot of catching up to do. Designers have started embracing high waisted sihouettes from a few seasons ago and many have even brought back that high-waisted jeans from the 90s, just that this time, they are not acidwashed and baggy.

They are drainpipe-skinny and help you hide your tummy if you have (a small) one. I hear Ghost is the best brand for high-waisted jeans and the first pair above as seen on the runway is wayy cooler than any denim-overalls. And even Topshop unique has taken the look to the highstreet.

But be warned, such skinny highwaisted jeans are only good for people who have slim hips to flaunt.