Monday, July 17, 2006

Stella McCartney

I didn't pay the Stella McCartney collection much attention previously. The all-blue collection just looked too boring to me. But after closer observation, I've noticed several beautiful pieces in her collection.

I think the leather faux-leather boot is the best boot I've seen in the collection so far. It's cool and slick and sexy in a Dominatrix-leather kind of way. I especially love the tie detail at the back and I could wear that in this tropical weather.

The big leather non-leather bag has a gorgeous shade of blue and the shiny leather material-which-totally-fooled-me-was-leather just makes me swooooon.

And last but not least, the supergorg coat! It's such a fine shade of azure! It's bound to stop people in their tracks if worn among the sea of blacks and whites in fall. And the fabric has a gorgeous sheen that moves with your walk. Yummy!