Friday, August 04, 2006

Poor student life

I've mentioned several times on my blog that I'm a poor student. And gosh, I really am. Many of the other fashion bloggers out there are rather well-off and can afford to tote huge brand names I can only dream (and blog) about. But I know that with clothes and shoes, especially clothes, labels are (nearly) nothing compared to style. Affordable midrange clothing and shoes can be easily found in Singapore (thank god for Topshop) but what about bags?

Unlike clothes and shoes, it's really difficult to find a good quality and pretty bag in Singapore for affordable prices. Mid range bags from brands like Zara, Topshop, Guess and all those brands are never as attractive as the designs from high end stores. (Thus explaining all the counterfeits) I truly believe, at least until I have been proven wrong, that with bags, the pricer, the better. I don't have the same philosophy with clothes or shoes (Topshop shoes are great!) but really, I have not seen a bag that can truly satisfy my bag lust and yet not burn a hole in my pocket.

At 18 going on 19, I don't need to tote a branded label. But I really want a good bag that won't cause me a shoulder ache, won't wear out so easily and doesn't look like the generic cheap stuff there is nowadays. It's really exasperating shopping for a bag :( And it's really difficult "saving up" to buy a bag just using my allowance or trying to find work, because first of all, much of the money would end up going to stuff I need rather than stuff I want, and second of all, a bag is probably the last of my priorities here. (I'm really hoping I can save up to go on an exchange programme in university) Still, it would be nice to own a cool bag.

Anyway, I really love the shoulder bags from Kooba, Burberry and Chloe! Perfect for school, but I'm not going to be carrying any of these soon. Sigh.

(Consolation: I'm a few years to getting a degree, then I will get to work, then I will be able to free myself from poor student life and finally be able to buy things! But only wisely, of course.)

P.S. Does this seem like an awful amount of talk for this blog? I just felt like saying something since today is officially the last day of my holidays and come Monday, I begin my freshman year in university. Boohoo.