Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Marc Jacobs for 2007

You know how Marc Jacobs is always so influential in high street styles? Well, here's what I think we can be prepared for if his latest collection is anything to go by:

Tiers - Tiered skirts and dresses mostly, and arranged asymmetrically

Deconstructed - I really hope some of this scruffy deconstructed elements get translated into high street.

Big crystal like thingys (what are they?) that are utterly adorable

Whatever triangular pattern quilt this is, I'm expecting to see a knockoff somewhere.

The most dreaded metallics. I hope this one stays gone. I'm just recovering from seeing cheap looking metallic materials on bags everywhere. I'm not looking forward to see them on shoes and jackets.

More interesting stuff include: cute cotton bomber jackets, casual tshirt dresses, flip flops, tulip pants, harem pants.

Strangely enough, I find many direct similarities between his collection and the previous collections from YSL and Balenciaga. Other than the deconstructed dresses, I don't find anything from this collection particularly exciting but that's the thing with Marc Jacobs' collections - you usually only really pay attention to it after all the fashion week excitement dies down.