Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Look Book for Fall'05 - (A)

As promised in my previous post, I will give the lowdown on my take of certain looks this Fall.


Crocodile Skin

Lots of it this Fall. On boots, belts, bags and in purple.

It's really evil to kill an animal to hold your iPod and purse so fake-skin is advised.

What's so attractive about crocodile skin?

Those boxy scales, its feel on your skin, the luxurious-ness?

Whatever it is, expect to see tons of croc skin invading our shops come Fall...
Just don't overload on the animal-cruelty by pairing it up with fur, leather and python skin.

Unless you are really craving tofu cream pie.



Oscar De La Renta


Emporio Armani

Ralph Lauren


Alexander McQueen


Alexander McQueen

Christian Dior



Chain Bags

Now that it's Fall, the Bamboo handle has to make way for something more sophisticated and 'fall-friendly' (i.e. less resort like)

The chain handle bag comes in all sizes and shapes this Fall - little totes or shoulder bags etc.

It exudes glamour and an old-world yet edgy sort of charm that is so irresistable.

Of course, the quilted Chanel bags come to mind immediately when chain bags are brought up. But many other fashion houses have come up with their own versions, perhaps not as classic as Chanel, but super gorg all the same.

Gold chains = glamour, rock and roll
Silver chains = elegant but edgy





Stella McCartney

Salvatore Ferragamo

Bottega Veneta