Saturday, July 16, 2005

Poet's Shirt

One thing big this Fall: Victorian
Which brings us to another bigger category that includes Victorian styles: Goth (think of all the black and lace this season)

And one piece of clothing that fits typical Victorian and Goth is the Poet's shirt or Pirate shirt, seen on several collections this Fall.
This versatile shirt was worn through many periods, even by the poets Shelley and Keats in the 1800's, but had its heyday in the 17th century. Whether prince, poet, pirate, Renaissance man or Goth, its debonair elegance was appreciated by men of philosophy and adventure alike. Soft and flowing with generous sleeves and lots of ruffles for that romantic look.

The shirt's shape is the same as that of a modern men's dress shirt. But instead of a button front, the ruffled shirt is sewn up the middle and has some kind of slit or V-shaped neck opening so it can be pulled on over the head. The collar can be either wide and pointed or banded. The sleeves and body of the shirt are more full and blousey than a modern dress shirt, and sometimes the fabric fullness in the back is gathered into a yoke. Very full sleeves give a dramatic effect. The sleeve cuffs are often edged with long ruffles, as is the collar and neckline. The ruffles can be either the same fabric as the shirt or of lace.

Shirts this Fall have:
-Balloon-y sleeves

When Goth meets Ladylike. This shirt from Miu Miu is not so dramatic but the devil lies in the details with the gathering at the cuff and front. A perfect ensemble for those boring workwear.

Casual and balloon sleeved shirts paired with denim shorts at BCBG.

My favourite from the montage, the Balenciaga shirt. So wearable with it's classic silhouette, but so stylish with the dainty ruffles at all the right places.

A real henley pirate shirt this is, at Alessandro Dell Aqua.

Paired with a little bow tie and dainty satin shoes, this shirt from Giles Deacon fits the artsy french lolita look perfectly. Other than the sleeves, I absolutely love the big buttons.

This Victorian-esque shirt with the ruffles from Paul Smith is not what I would wear (I prefer the ruffles at Balenciaga of course!).

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Enjoy :)